Beds worthy of a queen


For over 100 years Hypnos has been constructing beds of unrivalled craftsmanship.

Hypnos beds are a bespoke creation,

handcrafted to perfection.

They don’t just hand out Royal Warrants. 

You have to earn it. 

lbs of cashmere in a Hampton mattress

Hours to hand build a Hampton mattress

Years with the Royal Warrant



There is an art to great bed manufacturing and at Hypnos, that art is a science. We have maintained the same high standards established by our founders; the same high standards  that helped us earn the Royal Warrant from her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

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Royal Warrant

They don’t just hand out Royal Writs. You have to earn it. For over 40 years Hypnos has been providing handmade beds to the royal household of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We have earned the Royal Writ, year after year, decade after decade.

The Royal Warrant Story.


Hypnos has years of success behind the family-run company and has been producing handmade beds for over five generations — beds that have given countless nights of comfortable sleep to many thousands of people. Being a proud holder of the Royal Warrant from her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, at Hypnos our commitment to quality and comfort is maintained throughout their product range.

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The Sovereign Series

The Sovereign Series are the beds of royalty and demanding individuals.  They are the pinnacle of Hypnos luxury and the ultimate in individually-tailored, handcrafted mattresses. The fill consists of many layers of the most luxurious, all-natural materials built on a foundation of over two thousand unique Hypnos honeycomb sewn pocket coils. Our craftsmen use the most advanced natural latex, allowing them to construct your mattress to your exact firmness specifications.

The Sovereign Models

Honeycombed pocket coils

Air vents

Rows of side stitching

Layers of luxurious fill in Hampton

The Royal Series

The Royal Series brings royalty standards beyond the confines of castle walls. Handmade with royalty in mind, the series offers a range of natural fills and firmnesses to meet your comfort wants and needs.

Made with over 1200 unique Hypnos honeycomb coils, The Royal Series offers unparalleled comfort, elegance and mattress longevity. The Royal Series mattresses have three rows of side hand-stitching to provide greater strength. This is but one of many telltale signs of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Made with wool silk and wool cashmere, each Royal Series is covered in elegant Belgium Damask. These are bespoke beds befitting the most discerning and the most demanding.

The Royal Models

Pocket coils in Eminence mattress

Rows of side stitching

Air vents

Profile from crown to crown of Eminence mattres s

The Castle Series

The Castle Series is a breakthrough in affordable handcrafted luxury; unique from anything sold at similar price points and worthy of bearing the Hypnos name.

Layers of plush wool and cotton filling headline the Castle Series’ focus on natural materials. Hand tufted and constructed using individually-wrapped pocket coils, the two-sided Castle Series mattresses are designed to provide years of superb sleeping comfort. Covered in the finest cotton, a Castle Series bed will pamper you night after night, year after year.

The Castle Models

Pocket coils in Helmsley, Carlisle & Sherbourn

Pocket coils in Regent & Clarence

Padded handles

Layers of cotton, wool and wool silk in Helmsley