Hypnos Commercial

When a great night’s sleep is the most important part of a hotel guest’s experience, it’s not surprising that some of the world’s most revered hotels choose Hypnos beds to guarantee luxury and comfort, night after night.

Had a great night’s sleep in a hotel lately? There’s a very good chance it was on a Hypnos bed. We’re proud to be the first choice bed and mattress maker for boutique hotels and international chains in Canada and all over the world.

The beds we create and sell to hotels are not exactly the same as the ones that individual customers can choose or commission, but they share all of our hallmarks. Designed and crafted by our sleep experts based on a century of bed-making heritage, we build in supreme comfort, durability and luxurious design, for an exceptional sleeping experience.

Naturally, our hotel clients demand the highest standards and attention to detail from the beds we create for them. Our exceptional and consistent quality of manufacture and design coupled with innovative comfort and styling features make Hypnos a sought-after hotel bed brand.

Many of our domestic customers seek out a Hypnos bed of their own after enjoying an incredibly refreshing and blissfully comfortable sleep on one of our beds in a hotel. If that’s what’s brought you here, it’s our pleasure to get you in touch with our Commercial division – Contact us.